Sheep Really are Dumb

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450 sheep leapt to their deaths in the Turkish village of Gevas. The chain reaction started when one sheep went over the cliff, enticing nearly fifteen hundred others to follow. According to the Aksam newspaper, by the time the 450 had died, the pile of sheep carcasses at the bottom of the cliff had apparently grown large enough to cushion the fall somewhat, resulting in the saving of the other 1550.

“Theres nothing we can do. Theyre all wasted,” said Nevzat Bayhan, a member of one of the 26 families whose sheep had been lost. “Every family had an average of 20 sheep,” continued Abdullah Hazar, “but now only a few families have sheep left. Its going to be hard for us.”

The sheep were worth an estimated $100k USD, which is a significant amount of money in a country whose average GDP is only on average $2,700 USD per head.

Wikipedia has a subarticle on the tendency of sheep to mindlessly follow each other – see Sheep ethology.


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